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Ciclo La Plaza

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Stuart Ridley

Does anyone know the owner of this place; Ciclo Puerto / Ciclo La Plaza on Calle 213 (3rd Street from centre junction) opposite the MegaSuper market?

I recently stayed in a room near this establishment and could hear a dog crying, morning, noon and night.
I was let into a nearby place to inspect what was going on and saw that the dog there was chained to around just 10ft of chain, fenced in by crates and bushes, so having no contact to the world,and observing the animal over a few weeks learned that the dog was never taken off the chain for a walk.

I approached the owner and said I understood he was probably busy with business and offered to walk the dog from time to time to stop him crying. The assistant at the shop (who could speak English) looked very concerned and was willing to help, but the owner who I believe is from Nicaragua, told me in Spanish, to go back to my country, and I walked off a little bit disappointed with his attitude after being offered help and friendship.
However the next day, again at around 5.45am, like clockwork, the dog started crying disturbing my peace, and I know other people's.

I hoped that our little talk might have got the owner to change his behaviour, but it hadn't, and at around 10pm, dog still crying, I went round to his locked up bike shop - he lives in the back in a house - and started shouting through the gates of he could shut his dog up, take it for a walk and generally "sort his shit out".
He hurried to unlock the door and came charging at me but I stood my ground shouting at him that no one in the neighbourhood wanted to hear his cries of animal mistreatment etc.
Just as he got close enough for a fight to begin, the dog let out another loud cry, and the owner was kind of forced to instantly turn round and go back inside. However, the dog's crying and the owner's mistreatment still continued and nothing changed.

My take on the situation is not over exaggerated, as many people and tourists have questioned what is going on, and the Police have apparently been to inspect the animal, but owner at the time was doing the bare minimum to not be deemed mistreatment - watering and feeding the animal - if that is the minimum, I do not know for sure. Surely total incarceration IS mistreatment, so anyway, apparently the Police didn't do anything.

I have left Puerto Viejo now but was so troubled that I thought I would post this.
If anyone has power to change this it would be a good thing and ideally the owner of the dog should be barred from keeping any animals at all. Apparently this is the 3rd dog that he is doing this to, and when one dies he instantly replaces it.

If anyone is willing to try and change his behaviour, there might be a couple of points to help:
1. Last summer, in 2017 President Solís signed a new Animal Welfare Bill giving less power to those mistreating animals. The new law amongst other things stipulates monetary fines ranging from a quarter to a half base salary, or c106,000 to c212,000 ($184-368), for those who mistreat, neglect or abandon animals.
2. If the owner is doing the bare minimum to avoid the label of mistreatment, which I doubt, he is DEFINITELY affecting tourism with this dog's constant crying, as I know people having left the area sooner than they would have liked.

I tried to make this man's shit behaviour not win over the animal's and alot of people's peace, and so I would be interested to hear if anyone succeeds where I failed.

If you stand at the junction by MegaSuper, you'll unfortunately probably still be able to hear the dog crying anytime of the day.

October 26, 2018

What are people saying about us?

Puerto Viejo Satellite

Unfortunately there have been multiple reports similar to this from this establishment in recent months. Please:
- Don't rent nor buy from him and let him know why you do no longer send him business. - If you witness this, file a denuncia with Senasa. Don't wait for others to solve the problem, go and file. If 20 people file the same denuncia it will for sure have an effect. Denuncias can be filed confidentially if you want.

October 26, 2018

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