Keeping the South Caribbean the beautiful place we fell in love with

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The best way to explore the South Caribbean is by bicycle

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The best way to explore the South Caribbean is by bicycle. Photo by Ciclovida

It is the people and the nature that surrounds them that we fall in love with when we arrive here: the slow easy pace of life, that there are more bicycles than cars, the diverse culture and the deep respect for nature. Here are some tips to remember for a voyage to Puerto Viejo that leaves our home as or more wonderful than when you found it:

  • I forget the hustle and bustle of the city, lower the rhythm, enjoy, smile, and free myself of stress.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to spend some days surrounded by nature, the sea, the beach, the trees, the monkeys, the birds singing...
  • I recharge my batteries when I connect to and respect the natural environment.
  • I help and contribute to keep the place clean, the trash I make I take with me, at the beach I leave only my footprints.
  • I connect with my body, I change the car for a bike. I have fun and smile as if I was a child.
  • I drive slowly, 40kph, enjoying the ride; I am not in a hurry here.
  • I remember that on the road there are pedestrians, children, pets and wild animals. I give them their space, they have priority.
  • I respect the beach, I do not drive my car on the sand, I only walk on the sand.
  • I respect the customs of the inhabitants.
  • I save water where I stay, every drop counts.
  • I remember I can recycle plastic, cans, glass, and tetrabrik.
  • How nice it would be to plant a tree, and see how it grows every time I come back.
  • I take care of, protect and love the Southern Caribbean, that way I can always come back to the place where the forest meets the ocean.
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Author and Credits

The Ciclovida group is working to promote sustainable and green tourism in the South Caribbean. Conscious tourism, one that respects the environment, the culture, the people and their customs. This is why they wrote the above list.

They encourage all of the businesses of the area to share this text with their clients and partners, with the goal of having all of us become part of this call to become conscious. We CAN be tourists of the southern Caribbean and still protect and respect it. Feel free to share this page. You can also find a printable version of this here as a poster which you could post in a visible spot. Only together we can continue making tourism an important source of income in the area; but more importantly, only together can we protect the southern Caribbean and keep it GREEN!

More information on Ciclovida at their facebook page. Poster and logo design by Aniuxe.

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