There are a wide variety of services available in the area.

Tours, Real Estate, Massage, Medical services...There's probably someone here to help you with whatever you need!

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Puerto Viejo is no longer the sleepy place where you had to go to Limon or San Jose to get something done. There are many services offered right in town from financial services to yoga, from real estate to dentistry, from transport to massage. And of course there are tour operators offering a big variety of unforgetable adventures.

If you're looking for shopping options like groceries, souvenirs, books, etc you'll find those on our shopping page.

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Automotriz Danny

Car wash, Wheel Alignments, Tire Repair, Oil Change, Battery Repair, welding, 24/7 towing. Open daily except Sunday.
 +506 2750-0185 or 8879-5202
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Bomba Gasolinera Margarita Sixaola

Gas station on the way to Sixaola at the intersection of Margarita Rd. Last gas before the border.
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Servicentro Hone Creek

Only full gas station for miles. The next nearest are on the way to Limón or on the way to Sixaola.
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Community Organizations

Alcoholics Anonymous

Meet at Multi-Centro Building, Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 1 pm. Also Saturday's at 9 am on the beach in front of Banana Azul Hotel. Call Eddie at 2750-0080 or Colin at 2750-2035
 +506 2750-0080
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Casa de la Cultura

Community hall used for various events. Public high school for Puerto Viejo.
 +506 2750 0883
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Casa Morpho

A community space dedicated to creativity and learning, a space where individuals may experience hands on exploration and deep creative process. It is a place where families are empowered to co-create. Open to all people, they offer workshops, classes and gatherings of many types.
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Catholic Church

Small catholic church
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Chamber of Tourism and Commerce Caribe Sur

Non-profit organization that promotes sustainable tourism and businesses in the South Caribbean.
 +506 2750 3117
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El Puente-The Bridge

The Bridge provides educational assistance, food assistance, and microloans mainly to indigenous people in the southeastern part of Costa Rica. Our goal is to help people help themselves to self-sufficiency.
 +506 8771 9702, US phone: +1 970-389-4327
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Puerto Viejo Dogs

An animal relief effort working in the Puerto Viejo and throughout Talamanca canton. They do mostly dog relief and some cats as well. Their mission is to bring relief to the area stray domestic animal population as well as population control through the humane method of spaying and neutering.
 +506 2756 8306 o Whatsapp a +506 8525 4863
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Police, Medical and Wellness Services

Aruma Medicina y Estética

General and cosmetic medicine. Dr Mara Daniela Moschini
 +506 8585-5649, 8655-5082
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Bomberos Bribri

The nearest firefighting station to Puerto Viejo. Call 911 for emergencies.
 +506 2751 0347
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Cahuita Police Station

Police station for Cahuita. Call 911 for emergencies
 +506 2755 0217
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Caribe Dental

Qualified dentist who can offer implants, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, endodontic care, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and more.
 +506 8819-9975
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Central de Mascotas

Pet supplies and food. Veterinary clinic Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
 +506 2750 0529
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Clínica de Especialidades Médicas San Gabriel

Full service private medical clinic with a variety of services including 24 hour emergency care, pharmacy, pediatrics, gynecology, and general medical services. Replaces the previous Sunimedica clinic.
 +506 2750 0848
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Clínica Veterinaria Arroyo y Solano

Veterinary clinic with doctors Arroyo and Solano. Open M-F plus Saturday mornings. Pet supplies and food. New location as of Feb 1, 2021.
 +506 2756 8306
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Cruz Roja

The Red Cross operates ambulance service in Costa Rica. The South Caribbean zone is served from their location in Bribri. Call 911 for emergencies.
 +506 2751 0141
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Hone Creek Clinic

Nearest Public Clinic to Puerto Viejo.
 +506 2756-8022, 2756-8024
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Kristian Turan Chiropractor

Naturopathic pain therapist from Germany. Treats any kind of pain in the body using mostly chiropractic, but also other therapies if needed.
 +506 8764 9544
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Laboratorio Bioclinic

Medical lab. Blood and urine tests etc.
 +506 2750 0450
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Police in Costa Rica are responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law, not for taking statements and solving crime, there is a separate investigative division, the Organismo de Investigación Judicial or OIJ which takes reports of crimes and investigates. This is the only OIJ location in the area.
 +506 2751-1087, 2751-0252
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Puerto Viejo Police Station

The police in Costa Rica are responsible for enforcing the peace and responding to active crimes. The OIJ with taking crime reports and investigating. See the safety page for more information. Call 911 in an emergency.
 +506 2750 0230
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Tourist Police

New office of the tourist police (opened fall 2013) with officers specialized to assist tourists. Look for the officers in their white shirts patrolling the area. Call 911 in an emergency.
 +506 2750 0452
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Financial Services: Banks, etc

BAC Credomatic ATM

ATM kiosk from BAC Credomatic
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Banco de Costa Rica Cahuita

Cahuita Branch of BCR with ATM, money exchange and banking services.
 +506 2211 1111
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Banco de Costa Rica Puerto Viejo

ATM accepts cards with Visa symbol, cashes travellers checks, does foreign exchange and full bank services. Open Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm.
 +506 2750-0707
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Banco Nacional

Open Mon - Fri till 4pm. ATM open 6 am - 10 pm (closed at night for security reasons)
 +506 2212 2000
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Scotiabank ATM

ATM from Scotiabank located inside Mega Super
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Laundry Services

Laundry Good Price

Laundry, drop off service only, no self-service.
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Lavandería Elso

Drop off laundry service
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Lavandería La Estrella

Laundry, drop off service only, no self-service.
 +506 8719 5961
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Spas, Hair, Massage, Yoga


Retreat and training center. Health and wellness retreats. Yoga teacher trainings. Full service spa. Public yoga classes. Vegetarian catering. Accommodations. Previously named OM at Cashew Hill.
 +506 2750 0001
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Brothers Barbershop

Barber offering haircuts and other personal care services such as facials for men
 +506 7035 7882
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Caribbean Fitness Center

Fitness center with group classes (e.g. Zumba, yoga) and weight training.
 +506 2750 3208
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Celia's Beauty Shop

Traditional Caribbean style trensas/braids, corn rows and extensiones/extensions. Also does manicure & pedicure.
 +506 8913 3472
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Conscious Equine Connections

Equine Facilitated Learning combines the latest scientific mind-body research with the healing power of the animal-human bond to teach invaluable life and leadership skills. Set in the tropical jungle with majestic Andalusian horses. Located at Kindred Spirits Wellness Center.
 +506 84538821
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Indulgence Spa

Relaxing and deep tissue Massage. Bikini Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure, Beauty Salon. All natural, local products.
 +506 2750 0536, 8887 9417
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Manu Yoga Village

Located in Playa Cocles. Look for the tall wooden sign and follow the arrows. Offering yoga classes, meditation, massages, nutrition workshops and saunas. Yoga students and teachers can also choose to stay in one of their bungalows.
 +506 8326 7048
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Puerto Viejo Tattoo

Tattoos and piercings
 +506 8483 3243
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Pure Jungle Spa

Spa offering massage, facials and other treatments using fresh natural local ingredients.
 +506 2756 8413
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Roots Barber Shop

Barber shop for men and women. Specializes in braids and designs shaved into hair.
 +506 8363 8676
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Vettiver Spa

Full service day spa facials, peeling, full body wraps, weight loss treatments, ultra cavitation, radio frequency, anti aging treatments, waxing & massages.
 2750 0269
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VolAir Studio

Offers fitness and dance classes such as aerials, yoga, zumba and circus.
 +506 8301 9933
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Zion Arts Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage, yoga teacher and raw foods
 8445 6026
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Bikes & Scooters - Rentals, Sales, Repairs

There are bike rental options all over downtown Puerto Viejo, at most hotels and plenty in the surrounding areas too. We've simply mentioned a few significant places below which may have the best selection or non-standard items like mountain bikes or bikes with child seats. Some also rent snorkeling gear.

Arenas Rentals

Bike and scooter rental. Delivery to your hotel or house. Bicycle with child seats and kids bikes are also available.
 +506 8812 7858
 Average room rate: $7
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Ciclo Cocles

Bicycle rentals, repairs and sales. Wide variety from beach cruisers to fancy mountain bikes.
 +506 6065 5886
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Ciclo La Plaza

Bike rentals, repairs and accessories
 +506 8511 6418
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Tuanis Rent A Bike

One of the larger bike rental places in town. Friendly. Repairs.
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Repairs, Etc

Cerrajería Paris

Locksmith, key cutting for home and auto. Call for emergency lockouts
 +506 6085 1666, 2750 3106
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PC Caribe Soluciones Informáticas

Julio Saravia offers computer repairs, web design, networking, cell repairs and unlocking.
 +506 6018 0708
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Carisur Spanish School We have been unable to recently verify this listing

School, accommodation (cabina) and tours
 +506 6092 8700
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Centro Educativo Complementaria Cahuita

The Cahuita Complementary School & college is an integrated preparatory school and college, duly recognized by the Ministry of Public Education.
 +506 2755 0129
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Centro Educativo Playa Chiquita Punta Uva

Private school offering classes for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 (ages 3.5 to 12). Classes in Spanish following Costa Rican curriculum. See the education page for more info.
 +506 2750 0754, 8339 4983
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Instituto Profesional de Educacion Daza

Personalized Spanish Classes.
 +506 2238 3608
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Jardín Infantil Las Semillas

Offering classes to students at the nursery, kindergarten and preparatory levels (up to about age 6). Located in the space of the former Caribe Azul Centro de Aprendizaje Independiente school (which closed in December 2018).
 +506 2756 8325
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Ñ Spanish Teachers

A group of qualified, independent teachers, operating in the whole Puerto Viejo area, offers Spanish Classes in the quiet and comfort of your Caribbean residence. Spanish Courses for all levels. Private or group lessons. Choose between 4 different Spanish Programs the one fits you best.
 7286 5336
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Spanish by the Sea

Offering Spanish classes in a tropical setting and a relaxed atmosphere. Private and group classes. Can arrange accommodation with options including hostel beds, private rooms and homestay
 +506 2750 2082, 8635 0652
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Spanish School Pura Vida

Spanish immersion school offering group lessons by the week or private lessons hourly. Courses include excursions. Classes held at their school inside Hotel Pura Vida or at their Playa Negra campus.
 +506 8570 9768, 2750 0002
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TKD Caribe

Taekwondo & self defense lessons for children and adults. Teacher Roberto Alemán, black belt, first dan of taekwondo
 +506 8805 1273
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Miscellaneous Services

Correos de CR

Post office. Mail your letters and parcels here. In a new larger location.
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Manuel Pinto Photography

Photography for weddings, architecture (homes & business), personal photoshoots, festivals and more. Drone photos as well.
 +1 720-608-6268
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Puerto Viejo Multicentro

Multi-use building which houses several offices, community organizations and has a meeting room which can be rented for events.
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Surf Lessons and Equipment

There are lots of places offering surf lessons and equipment for rent and purchase. You can also try Cocles beach.

Surf Meds Caribe

Surf company that offers surf lessons, equipment rentals, and surf and SUP tours for everyone, beginners to advanced, ages 3 and up.
 +506 8566 9444
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Surf the Jungle Surf School Adventures

Surf school offering a tropical, lush, breathtaking, super-fun immersive experience in the heart of the colorful Caribbean which has quickly become one of the leading surf companies in the country. Offering private clinics and all inclusive packages, personalized for you. Ocean-certified lifeguards, professional surf instructors, surf experts and enthusiasts provide the students with the best possible learning conditions.
 +506 8710 4148
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Tico Surf and Skate

Shop offering surf and skate gear and clothing. Surf lessons. Bike rentals.
 +506 2750 3063
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Tours and Activities

Ara Manzanillo

Organization dedicated to reintroduction and conservation of the endangered Great Green Macaw. These had previously been become virtually extinct in the South Caribbean region. When you visit the Manzanillo fieldstation you are directly supporting conservation efforts. You will also have a unique experience coming up close to these incredible creatures. Visitation is daily from 3:00pm to 4:00pm with prior reservation only by telephone or email.
 +506 8971-1436
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Cacao Trails Tayku

Chocolate tour and Caribbean & indigenous chocolate museum & factory. Old cacao plantations, machines and objects, photographs and cacao history. Indian style, organic chocolate factory. Botanical Gardens, Boat tour down the Carbon River.
 +506 2756 8186 / 8875 3924
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Caribe Fun Tours

Full service in-country travel assistance provider based in Puerto Viejo with a satellite provider in the capital San Jose offering trips to exciting destinations all over Costa Rica. Their goal is to offer the best possible vacation experience to all clients, including the LGBT community. Whether their clients are looking for tours, transports, hotels or full multi day vacation packages they are there to assist them every step of the way.
 +506 2756 8118
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Caribe Horse Riding Club

Guided horseback riding tours. More than 30 years of professional experience. The healthy and sweet horses were rescued and now they live a second life surrounded by love and attention. Provides full service high quality rides, with all the safety possible, on the beach, in the jungle or both, with a professional local guide. Adults and Children, all levels are welcome. English, Spanish, Italian, Polish spoken.
 +506 8705 4250
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Exploradores Outdoors

Puerto Viejo office of the tour company known for their rafting trips all over Costa Rica. Rafting and other tours can be booked here.
 +506 2750 2020
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Finca La Isla Botanical Garden

See frogs, birds & flowers. Smell tropical flora and spices. Taste natural chocolate & fruits in a nature park setting. Garden has been in cultivation for more than 20 years.
 +506 8829 4229
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Finca Tierra

Food forest, organic gardens, tours & farm to table ecolodge. Also rents cabins.
 +506 8390-8348
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Gandoca Tours

Tourist information office and local tour operator. They promote sustainable tourism with eco-tourism, cultural and adventure activities. Tours includes dolphin watching, snorkeling, sea turtle spawning, mangroves and Laguna Gandoca. They also operate a booking office right in the center of Puerto Viejo beside Hot Rocks.
 +506 8762 8848 tel or whatsapp
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Green Water SUP Tours

Tour company combining the popular sport of stand-up paddle boarding while exploring the Southern Caribbean and its natural beauty. They offer paddle boarding tours and lessons on the Caribbean Sea and nearby rivers. Lessons, tours down the river or surfing fun point breaks. Located with Punta Uva dive center.
 +506 8844 4432, 2759 9191
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Jaguar Rescue Center

Centre to rehabilitate mistreated, injured and/or confiscated animals, which are then reintroduced to their natural habitat in protected areas. Visitors have direct contact with monkeys, wild cats, sloths, raccoons, anteaters, marsupials, reptiles, amphibians, etc. You can also observe all the venomous snakes of Costa Rica which are housed in terrariums imitating their natural habitat. By visiting the Jaguar Centre, your donation will go directly to caring for rainforest animals. Guided 1.5 hr visits are daily at 09.30 am and 11.30 am. Entrance fee: US$23. Private tours are also available.
 +506 2750 0710
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Nature Observatorio

Treehouse suspended 25 metres above the ground. Acomodates 4 people or day visits. Cold shower and dry eco toilet. Enjoy a walk through the Primary forest, climb the tree and relax with the spectacular view of nature around.
 8628 2663
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Punta Uva Dive Center

Scuba diving tours, PADI courses and equipment. Open seasonally as reef conditions allow. Located in same office as Green Water SUP Tours. There's also a small cafe for drinks and food.
 +506 8844-4432
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Redfrogteam Guardianes de la Naturaleza

Ecotourism company specializing in nature and indigenous tours in the Bribri area. Day and night tours, multi-day packages. Licensed guides with many years of area experience. Tours available in German, English, Spanish and Dutch.
 +506 88749992
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Reymond Tours Manzanillo

Local tour guide specializing in tours of the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Also offers a nice selection of custom tours of the South Caribbean with an experienced, local guide.
 +506 8780 0908
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Sloth Sanctuary

Sanctuary for orphaned and injured sloths. Informational tours where you can learn about their work and see the sloths including the famous "Buttercup" who has been with them since 1992. Rehabilitated animals are returned to the wild whenever possible. They also offer rooms at the Buttercup Inn which is reserved for guests who take the Insider's Tour. Closed Mondays.
 2750 0775
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 Average room rate: $100
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Talamanca Chocolate

Learn the entire process from tree to bar, making chocolate from scratch: roasting, grinding, tempering then molding. With tasting all along the way. There will be lots to learn and taste, from flavour development to label design, this is a full experience. The most hands on in the area, you will get chocolate on you!
 +506 8910 9318
 Average room rate: $30
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Well established and certified tour agency in Puerto Viejo since 1998. Providing tours with a dynamic team of experienced local guides who will make your tours interesting, enriching and with great fun. Adventure tours such as canopying, ATV safari, Canyoning, Horseback riding. Animal watching tours such as snorkeling, bird watching and hiking in a national park. Cultural tours such as Misha Yorkin, Mishka Kapuk Yorkin, Indian reserve, Sloth hospital and Jaguar Rescue centre.
 +506 2750 0750
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The Prancing Pony

Created to give you the chance to experience the joy of riding horses on the beach. Whatever your age, background or level of experience, everybody is welcome! They have more than 30 years of experience and worked in different countries including dressage; showjumping; archery on horseback, bareback riding and cross country. Tours can be booked in English, Spanish, German and Swedish. Next right turn after Shawandha Lodge behind equilibrio eatery/bar.
 8335 9506, 8475 6087
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Wahoo Fishing and Tours

Spend a day on the Wahoo boat and you'll experience more than a day of fishing, snorkeling or dolphin watching. Fish the near and offshore reefs, experience the thrill of bringing in a fish on a traditional handline or rely on the high quality Shimano equipment provided. In calm seas, free dive with Capitan Pino as he shows you how to find the elusive (and delicious) spiny lobster. Half and full day tours available—they can design the best option for you, combining fishing, snorkeling and sightseeing. The boat is comfortably equipped with all fishing, snorkeling and safety equipment & they provide an ample cooler of healthy snacks.
 +506 8601 5294
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Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center

Community based education center is in the heart of Manzanillo. The center hosts workshops, groups, apprentices, plant walks, and serves the community with herbal wellness consultations as well as custom herbal formulas. The educational programs highlight the local plant people, farmers, herbalists, healers, seedsavers, the keepers of this knowledge and culture, those who are helping it to continue on and to thrive into the future. The programs support first and foremost the local economy. Also rents a cabina just one block to the beach.
 +506 8366 2873
 Average room rate: $50
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Adobe Rent a Car

Car rentals. One way rentals available from locations throughout Costa Rica with pickup or return in Puerto Viejo.
 +506 2750 0715
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Alamo Enterprise Car Rental

Car rentals
 +506 2242 7878
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Cahuita Bus Station

The bus station in Cahuita (Terminal Cahuita) has a MEPE ticket office as well as a mall offering a variety of small shops.
 +506 2755-1011
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Caribe Shuttle

Semi-private shuttle service to many destinations in Costa Rica. Services to/from Puerto Viejo include Bocas del Toro, San Jose, Limón Airport, Arenal, Tortuguero and San Juan del Sur. Packages for Bocas and Puerto Viejo are also available. Wifi now available on most shuttles!
 +506 2750-0626
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Interbus office

Puerto Viejo office for Interbus, who operate shuttles throughout Costa Rica. Check the Shuttle page for schedules, information and online booking.
 +506 2750 2145
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Main Bus Stop

San José and local buses stop here. The bus ticket office for Mepe is also located directly opposite. Check the Bus Transport page for schedules. Please keep a close watch on your bags while you're here.
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Travel Agencies: Tour Sales, Transport, Hotel Reservations


ATEC (Asociación Talamanqueña Ecoturismo Conservación) is Puerto Viejo’s original eco-tourism provider. They work to help visitors find fun ecologically and socially responsible activities to entertain themselves while in Talamanca. Also has cards, books, souvenirs and a couple of internet terminals.
 +506 2750-0398
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Gecko Trail Costa Rica

Offering a full selection of local tours, they can arrange rafting, canopy, snorkeling, wildlife watching and many more activities. To get around Costa Rica, they are happy to arrange a private van or shared shuttle for you. And can reserve hotels and vacation rentals that fit your needs and are stylish and unique. They work Costa Rica wide and in Panama and Nicaragua and can arrange your entire trip to any of these countries. All their packages can be tailored just for you.
 +506 8724 9252 (or from USA +1 415 230-0298)
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Manuel Pinto of Manuel Pinto Photography is great! He's taken many of the lovely photos on this site.

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