Questions and Answers about Money in Costa Rica and Puerto Viejo

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Current Exchange Rates

1 US$ 518.6 colones

1 US$ 527.1 colones

What is the currency? Is the US dollar widely accepted?

Costa Rica's currency is the colon; there are 519 colones to the dollar. But the US dollar is also quite widely accepted especially in tourist areas and generally most businesses will give you a fair exchange rate.

In fact, most hotels and many tour and tourist-orientated transports will quote their prices in dollars. So you will actually do better in these cases by paying for these services in US$ cash as you will not be subject to the exchange rates used by the business.

If you're exchanging US$ cash for colones you will do marginally better by lining up at a bank so it is worth it if you are exchanging larger amounts. Or just withdraw colones from an ATM directly.

Pocket change

Pocket change. Think of the 100 colones coin sort of like a quarter and the 5000 like a $10 bill. Photo by santheo

What kind of money should I travel with?

I find it easiest to travel with US$ and colones cash, topping up at ATMs where needed. All ATMs will dispense Costa Rican colones and most will also offer you the choice of withdrawing US dollars as well.

ATMs are quite plentiful in most of Costa Rica. Do not rely on merchants taking credit cards or especially travelers checks. And expect long lineups to exchange non-US$ cash (Euros, Pounds, Canadian dollars, etc) or travelers checks at a bank.

I find it best to carry both US$ and colones. Dollars for large purchases such as hotels, tourist shuttles, etc. Colones for restaurants, taxis, etc. But if you're going to be in Costa Rica a week or less you can probably get away with just bringing or withdrawing dollars and then expect to get a little bit of colones in your change from restaurants, etc.

There are now two banks in Puerto Viejo, the Banco de Costa Rica (pictured) and a Banco Nacional

There are now two banks in Puerto Viejo, the Banco de Costa Rica (pictured) and a Banco Nacional. Both have ATMs. The lineups inside for teller services can be long. Photo by azsmiths

Are ATMs widely available? Do they take all cards?

Most Costa Rican towns have a multitude of banks as there are a surprising amount of bank chains operating in Costa Rica and almost every bank will have an ATM. Puerto Viejo and the Caribbean in general are a little bit underserved in this regard as the area has developed more recently. But with the recent opening of a Banco Nacional branch in Puerto Viejo, there is both a Banco de Costa Rica and Banco Nacional to choose from. Both have ATMs open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. (they are closed overnight for security reasons). New in 2019 are also ATMs from BAC Credomatic and Scotiabank. In Cahuita, there is only the one Banco de Costa Rica bank and ATM. The ATMs are Visa/Plus and Mastercard/Cirrus affiliated so most bank cards will work with them.

Check with your bank before you leave home how much they will charge you for each withdrawal though, it can be substantial. Costa Rican bank ATMs do not generally access a fee on your withdrawal though at least. I have though seen a Costa Rican bank where I withdrew US$ but the amount was converted to colones by the Costa Rican bank and then my bank converted back to dollars so there was a loss of some 4 or 5%. Banco de Costa Rica does not do this so if you have a US$ account, you should be able to withdraw only at the cost of your home bank ATM fees.

Puerto Viejo's ATMs do sometimes run out of cash or are down for technical reasons but now that there are four different ATMs that's less of a problem. But I still don't recommend waiting until you're down to your last 500 colones to get more money! There is also a Banco Nacional in Bri Bri. The nearest other banks are in Limon.

credit cards

Are Credit Cards widely accepted?

Try not to use credit cards wherever possible. Most small businesses do not accept them because they are assessed huge fees by the banks. If you do accept them, they may tack on a fee to use them. In fact it is not uncommon to see a hotel state that the national 13% hotel taxes will only apply if a credit card is used. Make sure you clarify this with your hotels before arriving.

Large chains, supermarkets and gas stations are the places where your credit card is most likely to be welcomed without complaint or extra charge.

Another thing to keep in mind is that although hotels and other tourist businesses will likely quote prices in US$, if you use your credit card they will probably charge you in Costa Rican colones. They will convert the dollar amount to colones and your bank will convert it back to dollars (or your home currency) so you will end up paying 2-5% more. This is not always true, some businesses charge credit cards in dollars.

You may also want to let your credit card company know before you leave that you will be using your card in Costa Rica so they do not flag its use as fraudulent and deny your charge when you most need it.

Are travelers checks accepted?

Almost no businesses in Costa Rica accept travelers checks. You will have to exchange them at the bank. Even then, most banks will only accept US$ travelers checks. I've heard horror stories of travelers waiting 3+ hours in a bank lineup for the one bank that would accept their Canadian $ traveler check - and that was on the Pacific where at least that bank was there. The Banco de Costa Rica in Puerto Viejo will cash traveler's checks, make sure you go with your passport (not a copy).

What about Euros or Pounds or Canadian dollars?

You will have to line up at a bank to exchange these. And not all banks will deal with these currencies either so this is definitely not recommended. You may also be subject to double exchange where they convert your money to US$ and then to colones.

A traveler shared this copy of his exchange receipt from San José airport

A traveler shared this copy of his exchange receipt from San José airport. As you can see he received 444 colones per dollar for the $600 USD he exchanged whereas Banco de Costa Rica was offering 494.75 that day so he would have received more than 30,000 colones (about $60) extra if he had done the exchange in a bank.

Is there an ATM/Bank at the International Airport?

There are a number of ATMs at the San Jose and Liberia International Airports. In San Jose, there is only 1 in arrivals but if it isn't working or doesn't take your card (most ATMs in Costa Rica are either Visa/Plus or Mastercard/Cirrus only, not both), head upstairs to departures where there are several more.

There is also an exchange business in the airport that will exchange all currencies however their rates are known to be very poor so we do not recommend buying colones here. Use the ATM instead or pay a taxi driver in dollars and exchange funds at a bank in town.

You can pay your fare into San Jose using the official taxi stand inside the arrivals area in US$.

On departure, you can pay your departure tax in dollars, colones or with a credit card.

Is there an ATM/Bank at the Panama Border in Sixaola?

No! Exchange your colones for US dollars (Panama uses the US dollar as its currency) before you leave Puerto Viejo. If you're entering Costa Rica from Panama, no worries, you can use your US dollar cash until you get to Puerto Viejo, you just may need to round up a bit if you're paying for something like the public bus from the border.

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Cara Black

Do the card machines allow a phone order? I was told you could not just put in the cards information and amount. I ask because I would like to be able to order chocolates, coffees and spa products around the holidays. I also have friends here, can I purchase gift certificates for them from a local restraunt and they can just take my card information, and manually input my information?

May 04, 2015

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John from Chicago
Wiring money to vacation rental owners account

After a lot of searching I finally found the place in Puerto Viejo where I'd like to stay for 2 weeks in January. The owner has asked that I wire the full amount to his local bank account before I arrive. I'm a little apprehensive since his places aren't on listed on this site, but he does have a website and the places are listed on I've seen other guesthouses and home rentals where the owner has asked that money be wired to their account before arriving, but am wondering what recourse I'd have if it was a scam. Anyone have any thoughts to share?

December 18, 2012

What are people saying about us?


I would agree to send a 10 or 15 % reservation deposit, but no way the full amount. I'd also ask to talk to the owner on the phone in person, just to have a direct conversation. If they are legitimate, they should have a phone number!

June 24, 2015

What are people saying about us?

Claire from Sacramento, CA

Does anyone know the maximum dollar amount you can withdraw from the ATM's? We will be staying in Puerto Viejo.

January 22, 2010

What are people saying about us?

Doug Dosdall from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
ATM Withdrawal limit

I think you can get $500 per transaction (or Colone equivalent) from the Puerto Viejo ATM; as long as it has enough cash. You can make as many withdrawals as you like though -- your daily withdrawal limit will be determined by your bank back home so if you need to withdraw a large amount of cash (to pay for a hotel on arrival for example) you could call your bank and ask them to raise your limit. But remember that there is only one ATM in PV and so if it's out of order or out of cash it's a long way out of the way to the next nearest (Cahuita or Bri Bri).

January 23, 2010

What are people saying about us?

Cubanon from USA
Paying you hotel with travelers check.

Since most hotels want their money up front when you check in, we pay with TCs if possible instead of carrying large amounts of cash, is worth paying the 2% extra for safety reasons.

February 17, 2009

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