Who wrote all this info? Took these photos? Who can I thank?!

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Puerto Viejo Satellite is a community based effort which has come together through the efforts of many people who gave generously of their time and creativity and knowledge to create the most comprehensive information source for the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. So thank them for us hey?

dougdo profile

Doug Dosdall

Doug is the primary creator of the Puerto Viejo Satellite website and is a frequent visitor to the area who dreams of living in paradise one day but meanwhile is staying connected to the community through the net.


Panoramio user abanfi

abbylewtas profile

Abby Lewtas

Flickr user Abby Lewtas contributed photographs of the Puerto Viejo area.


Amanda J. Wood

Panoramio user Amanda J. Wood

Andres Madrigal

Andrés Madrigal is a Costa Rican photographer and graphic designer. Over the years he has focused most of his work on the tourism sector, which he finds most rewarding. He is a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English. He lives in the mountains of San Jeronimo de Moravia with his wife, daughter and 3 cats. You can find more of his work at www.costaricatraveler.com

catccas profile

Camara de Turismo y Comercio de Caribe Sur

The Camara de Turismo y Comercio de Caribe Sur (CATCCAS) is the non-profit business association promoting and facilitating tourism in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica. You can find out more about them at their facebook page.

Carey James Balboa

Photographer who has taken some great nature pictures.

ciclovida profile


Ciclovida is an organization promoting infrastructure which supports sustainable tourism and infrastructure for pedestrians, bicycles, wildlife and other means of mobility for the South Caribbean. You can find more info on their facebook page.

colinsito profile

Colin Brownlee

Colin Brownlee lives in Puerto Viejo where he has built and runs Hotel Banana Azul on Playa Negra. You can read his views on the Caribbean coast on the About Puerto Viejo page.

Cor Krul

Traveler to Puerto Viejo who has shared his photos on our facebook page.

Costa Rica Dog Lover

Two dog lovers who moved from Colorado to Costa Rica and now live with their dogs in Puerto Viejo

djstruntz profile

D.J. Struntz

D.J. is an adventure photographer with internationally award winning photography which takes him on adventures around the globe as a staff photographer for Surfing Magazine, Globe International, Hawaii Skindiver, and have led to appearances on NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and FOX. He has produced shoots in more than 20 countries often with minimal resources and critically demanding time-lines.

Dr. Francisco Arguedas Pimentel

Dr. Francisco Arguedas Pimentel is a graduate of the Universidad de Iberoamerica in San Jose, Costa Rica living in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica.

dronepv profile

Drone Puerto Viejo

Photography by drone in Puerto Viejo. You can find more info on their facebook page.

travelmother profile

Emily Shea

Emily Shea blogs as Travel Mother and is on a quest with her family—a quest to travel the world. They've shed their former lives in the US to embark on a journey of adventure and discovery, unchained by a specific schedule. She has been known to be impatient, irrational, and slap-happy when it comes to future desires. To which she says, "Some things just cannot wait!" Read more at TravelMother.com

escapingabroad profile

Escaping Abroad

James quit his boring office job to explore the world, scuba dive, and photograph wildlife. See more at www.escapingabroad.com

11014423@N07 l

Geoff Gallice

Flickr User Geoff Gallice contributed photographs of the Puerto Viejo area.

globetrottergirls profile

Globetrotter Girls

Dani is a travel addict who blogs at globetrottergirls.com.

wahoo profile

Janet and Nick

Janet and Nick operate Wahoo Fishing and Tours which offers full day and half day fishing trips as well as Dolphin and snorkel sightseeing trips.

jodyr profile

Jody Rutledge

Jody followed her heart and it led her to the beach. She owns Sueño Grande B&B in Puerto Viejo

keanw profile

Kean Millward

Kean, originally from England, moved to Puerto Viejo from Chicago. He has built and running the luxury boutique vacation villas at Annanci Village in Cocles.


Kjersten Bratvold

Kjersten visited PV in 2012 and has some great memories and some lovely photos.

lisavalencia profile

Lisa Valencia

Lisa is a writer and Costa Rica guide who has lived in Costa Rica’s Caribbean since 2007. She blogs at www.travelexperiencecostarica.com

lorisorrentino profile

Lori Sorrentino

Lori is a full-time photographer, travel blogger, content creator, and brand ambassador with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. Puerto Viejo is one of the many destinations she has visited; while here she she wrote about her experiences and took many captivating photographs.

everton profile

Macduff Everton

Santa Barbara, California based advertising, corporate, editorial, fine art & stock photographer. More at www.macduffeverton.com

mpinto profile

Manuel Pinto

Manuel Pinto is a real estate agent and photographer originally from France who is a longtime resident of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. You can find more photo on his photography website at www.manuel-pinto.com.

Néstor Baltodano

Néstor Baltodano is a member of Kamut Collective, a multidisciplinary collective working in culture, research and documentary photography. Learn more about Kamut at their facebook page.

nina profile

Nina Neidhart

A Swiss expat, Nina has been living in Puerto Viejo for some years and loving it! She is the owner and general manager of Gecko Trail Costa Rica, a full service travel agency that can help plan your trip throughout Costa Rica.

noticiastalamanca profile

Noticias Talamanca

Online news source for Talamanca canton of Costa Rica. More at their facebook page.

Pablo Montiel

Pablo Montiel is a photographer living and working in Costa Rica. See more of his photos of the Caribbean in this October 2013 La Nacion travel article on the Caribe.

Pepo Montsant

Owns and runs La Kukula Lodge in Playa Chiquita and takes some great photos of nature and the surrounding area.

Rafael Pacheco

Photojournalist for La Nacion

34725442@N00 l

Rob Jones

Flickr user Rob Jones contributed photographs of the Puerto Viejo area.

11669957@N06 r

Ryan Kozie

Flickr User Ryan Kozie contributed photographs of the Puerto Viejo area.

tinytravel profile

The Tiny Travelogue

Kristel is a Dutch blogger who publishes The Tiny Travelogue.


Doing what I love, working on something I'm passionate about, high on life. More at backpack forever

zoe tom at geckoes

Zoë Courtier

Zoë along with her husband Tom Keller started Geckoes Rainforest River Lodge. Two luxurious holiday houses with private plunge pools in a magnificent rainforest and river setting minutes from Playa Cocles.

Did we forget anyone?

There are many more people who have contributed to the site by adding listings, answering questions in the comments, pointing out things we've missed and much more.

We regret that some of those names are lost to memory! But if you know of a photo or text which should be credited on the site and isn't please contact us and let us know.