So what's this website all about?

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Puerto Viejo Satellite is the most comprehensive and most popular website covering Costa Rica's South Caribbean region stretching from Cahuita to the Panama Border. This district is in the canton of Talamanca which is in the state of Limon so to differentiate it from the other Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo is referred to as Puerto Viejo de Talamanca or Puerto Viejo de Limon.

The site has been around since about 2006 when satellite maps of the world were new and exciting but for off the beaten track places like Puerto Viejo they were generally just a satellite image with no information on them. So the first iteration of the site was simply the Google map with local businesses and places added so visitors could find them. Hence the name Puerto Viejo Satellite. But if that's a handful, feel free to call us PV Sat (the URL works too!)

The site has grown to a comprehensive guide to the area with 100s of business listed and detailed information on the area.

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What if I have questions that aren't answered here?

We have tried to cover everything we could think of that visitors here would need to know but if there's something not covered, first check out the comments on the appropriate page and if your question isn't answer there try posting your question as a comment on that page. For example there are lots of Q&A on the transport page from people asking specific questions.

If there is a place in the area you've listed that isn't listed already, feel free to add it by filling in the new listing form.

What if I find an error or correction?

Oops! Things like schedules are often changing and we do try and keep it all up to date but if you find something that needs to be corrected please contact us to let us know and we'll get it corrected ASAP.

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Who is responsible for this website? Who built it?

The site was primarily built by Doug Dosdall of Doh Media Internet Solutions. Doug is a frequent visitor to the area who dreams of living in paradise one day but meanwhile is staying connected to the community through the net.

But the site only works with many members of the community contributing as well as visitors to the area sending in their own tips, adding their favorite places and writing content for the site.

Check our Contributors page for a full list of people who have contributed information, photos and advise. But a special shout out to a few people including Colin Brownlee over at Banana Azul who wrote the first version of the About Puerto Viejo article, Christer Ericsson of KOKi Beach who is always keeping us up to date with the latest events and changes in town, Zöe Courtier of Geckoes Lodge who wrote the Education page and contributed to other pages. and so many other people who have supported the site with information and by advertising, especially our Puerto Viejo Top Picks!

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How can I help?

Thanks for thinking of us! First, we support the local community and urge you to do so too. Please check our donate and volunteer pages for more information or follow our facebook page or twitter feed.

If you're a visitor or local resident, we'd love to have your help in order to:

• Keep the site up to date so please let us know when businesses have closed or open or their details have changed or when other information has changed.

• Our goal for the site is for it to be 100% bilingual so if you see something that still needs to be translated or the translation is incorrect, send us your edits!

• If you have photos of the area that you'd like to share that we could add to our photo albums and slideshows, let us know! We'd love to show off your work while we're showing off Puerto Viejo.