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Banana Azul garden room


Hotels, hostels, vacation rentals. There's something for everyone in Puerto Viejo from a hammock hotel to luxury vacation homes with all the amenities.

KOKi Beach Restaurant & Bar

Restaurants and Bars

People from all over the world have settled in the Puerto Viejo area and you'll see that when you check out the dining options. Puerto Viejo may have Costa Rica's best variety of dining options from fresh local seafood to Sushi, Mexican food, Italian, Argentinian steakhouses and so much more. There's something for every taste.

Colorful shopping in Puerto Viejo

Shopping and Services

Groceries, Tours, Real Estate, Clothing, Pharmacies, Banks, name it and Puerto Viejo probably has it.

Zipline tours through the jungle canopy are an exciting way to see nature and give you a unique viewpoint from up in the trees.

Tour and Activity Companies

Looking to go fishing, diving, ziplining, rafting, kayaking? Want to get a guided nature tour and see monkeys, sloths, birds or turtles?

Caribe Sur Real Estate

Real Estate

Fallen in love with paradise? These people can help you find your own piece of it.

Latest news

  • Flights from Costa Rica to Bocas are hung up in regulatory approval in Panama. We announced with excitement on Nov 29 that a new airline, Skyway, would be taking up the San José to Bocas del Toro route. But unfortunately, they've been unable to get approvals from the Panamanian government. View storyJan 15

  • Warning to swimmers! There have been numerous sightings today of Portuguese man-o-war jellyfish (pictured) at various locations on the South Caribbean coast including Puerto Viejo, Cahuita and Manzanillo. View storyJan 13

  • It's official; the local government in Talamanca Canton has banned plastic straws! A small step for us to use organic straws but a big step for the wildlife affected by them. View storyJan 13

  • Stunning new property video from Congo Bongo Ecolodges showing the lushness of the Manzanillo area and the pristine nature of the Gandoca-Manazanillo Wildlife Refuge where they are located. View storyJan 12

  • Some ideas for your next trip to Puerto Viejo! Article from Matador network View storyJan 5

  • An Artists’ Guide to the Paradisiacal Beach Town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Vogue covers Puerto Viejo!? I don't high heels and little black dresses will take over from flip flops and tank tops. But lots of info and photos! View storyJan 2

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