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Casa del Mango vacation home patio


Hotels, hostels, vacation rentals. There's something for everyone in Puerto Viejo from a hammock hotel to luxury vacation homes with all the amenities.

KOKi Beach Restaurant & Bar

Restaurants and Bars

People from all over the world have settled in the Puerto Viejo area and you'll see that when you check out the dining options. Puerto Viejo may have Costa Rica's best variety of dining options from fresh local seafood to Sushi, Mexican food, Italian, Argentinian steakhouses and so much more. There's something for every taste.

Shopping options in Puerto Viejo

Shopping and Services

Groceries, Tours, Real Estate, Clothing, Pharmacies, Banks, name it and Puerto Viejo probably has it.

Facials with locally sourced ingredients and massages are a great way to restore after an activity filled day.

Tour and Activity Companies

Looking to go fishing, diving, ziplining, rafting, kayaking? Want to get a guided nature tour and see monkeys, sloths, birds or turtles?

Caribe Sur Real Estate

Real Estate

Fallen in love with paradise? These people can help you find your own piece of it.

Latest news

  • Flights San José to/from Bocas del Toro are back! Skyway has announced they will be starting this service as of Dec 1. View storyOct 29

  • International Living says Puerto Viejo is the #1 place to retire abroad with a low cost of living! Who knows how they came up with this but I'm not sure a couple could comfortably live on $2025 a month as they claim. View storySep 30

  • Surf camp! Always wanted to learn to surf? Surf the Jungle offers 7 day surf camps in Puerto Viejo with almost everything included: accommodations, most meals, lessons, transfers from San Jose and more. View storySep 24

  • Marina proposal in Puerto Viejo opposed by local and environmental organizations. Once again a marina has been proposed and now ICT has awarded a contract to build it. Community groups will gather on Friday August 30 in opposition. Grupos comunitarios de Puerto Viejo rechaza construcción de un atracadero. View storyAug 27

  • Bocas on a budget: How to get to Bocas del Toro from Costa Rica. Nice article from the Tico Times for travelers who want to head to Bocas independently. Well there's even more details on the Puerto Viejo Satellite Bocas page but this is chatty and easy to read for an overview. View storyMay 14

  • Indigenous Tourism: Bribri Women Lead the Way in Yorkin, Costa Rica. Great article about the history of the Bribri and of Talamanca and what their communities are doing to find new sustainable ways of living. View storyMay 4

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