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One of the boats delivering travelers to Tortuguero

Transportation to/from Tortuguero

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Car free Tortuguero requires some planning to reach. You can go via a combo of shuttle and boat or by air.

There are easy options to reach Tortuguero from Puerto Viejo/Cahuita, from San José and from the Arenal area. There are year round services that combine shuttles from your hotel in any of those area to the boat dock and then a boat to Tortuguero. Or there are seasonal flights from Limón, San José and Arenal to Tortuguero. From Puerto Viejo you can combine a shuttle to the Limón airport with the flight.

Shuttle and boat

Minibus shuttles pick you up at your hotel in Puerto Viejo, San jose or Arenal and take you to the boat dock where a connecting boat service takes you to Tortuguero village.

Pro Tip! Choose the Moin route for at least one direction of your Tortuguero travel, you'll get much more of the trip on a boat with great scenery rather than a van shuttle. All the routes take about 5 hours. From Puerto Viejo to Moin the van shuttle is about 1:15 and the boat from Moin to Tortuguero about 3 hrs. The other two routes are the reverse: 3-4 hours in a van and about an hour on the boat.

The options are:

Puerto Viejo a Tortuguero
SalidaProvRutaPrecio más imps 
6:00amExploradoresCaño Blanco$65GTTCPVTORE
8:00amTortuguero ShuttleMoin$80GTTCPVTORTS
Tortuguero a Puerto Viejo
SalidaProvRutaPrecio más imps 
12:00noonExploradoresCaño Blanco$65GTTCTORPVE
10:00amTortuguero ShuttleMoin$80GTTCTORPVTS

Note that services via Moin are a shorter van shuttle and a longer boat ride. Services via Caño Blanco or La Pavona are a longer van ride and a shorter boat ride.

San Jose a Tortuguero
SalidaProvPrecio más imps 
Tortuguero a San Jose
SalidaProvPrecio más imps 
Arenal a Tortuguero
SalidaProvPrecio más imps 
Tortuguero a Arenal
SalidaProvPrecio más imps 


Tortuguero has a small airport with turboprop planes flying in from San José, Limón and Arenal. From the airport a quick water taxi ride (not included in air fare) takes you to Tortuguero village or to dock for the lodge where you'll be staying. Flights to/from San José operate year round. Limón and Arenal flights may not operate year round or daily but if you inquire we'll let you know what's available. To get from Puerto Viejo or Cahuita, our travel partners can book you a connection shuttle or taxi to the Limón airport.

RutaDíasDuraciónPrecio desde
San Jose ↔ TortugueroSeveral times daily
Year round
30 min$118
Limón ↔ TortugueroIrregular schedule20 min$107
Arenal ↔ TortugueroIrregular schedule30 min$112



 Ubicación: Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, San José, Arenal, Tortuguero

Tarifa Rates from $65+tax depending on option chosen

Duración Duration: Varies

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Enter the names of the hotel(s) where you will be picked up and/or dropped off. If the hotel is not on our list of pickup locations we will advise the closest location. An extra charge may apply for locations outside the normal pickup route.

• Shuttles arriving Tortuguero drop you off at the Tortuguero village dock, an easy walk to village hotels or a quick water taxi ride to lodges.
• Shuttles leaving Tortuguero leave from the Tortuguero dock, they do not include hotel pickup.
• Flights in or out of Tortuguero are to the Tortuguero airport, a quick water taxi ride (not included) from village hotels or lodges.

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