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Jacaranda Hotel y Jardin Tropical

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Dentro las paredes del jardín, tienen 14 habitaciones y cabañas con baños privados o compartidos con agua caliente, abanicos, hamacas, mosquiteros, caja de seguridad, yoga, masaje, acceso a Direct TV.


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What are people saying about us?

Kathy Clark from Issaquah, WA USA
stay at Jacaranda

My Stay at the Jacaranda was amazing. Vera and the staff were wonderful, the place is peaceful, clean and beautiful. The rooms are tastefully done, and the fan provides enough moving air to stay comfortable. The gardens are beautiful, you can tell Vera takes pride in her place. I'll be back!

December 09, 2011

What are people saying about us?

Vandana from Fort Lauderdale, FL

I visited Puerto Viejo for 15 days and stayed at Jacaranda Cabinas for my entire trip. Each morning I woke up to the peaceful sounds of birds from the garden surrounding my room. The hotel is well kept and during my stay you can tell the owner and staff took pride in ensuring the rooms, entrance, hallways and even the community kitchen was kept spotless. Although the rooms did not have air condition, with the ceiling fans, that was enough to keep us cool. After all, you ARE in the jungle!. There were some clients that came and left because the hotel did not offer TV and AC. If you come to P.V to watch TV might as well stay home and if you NEED air condition, then you have no appreciation for nature and should stay in the city.. P.V has so many activities, by the time the evening, you should be so exhausted, you just want to have a shower, meal and pass out til the morning for more fun in the sun!. If you really need to see Television, in the internet room (which by the way has free wireless and a computer), there's a TV. There are hammocks located throughout the hotel so like on rainy or lazy days, you can just chill and read a book, relax or fall asleep and enjoy the tranquilly and sounds of the forest.

The day time Manager, Neomi is absolutely wonderful!. She's very knowledgeable on all activities and is always willing to help you make arrangements. The fact that she's always pleasant and has a smile makes you feel welcomed. In the evening, if you're lucky to catch Vera the Owner, she can tell you lots about P.V as she's lived there over 20 years and have seen the town grow from little or no hotels to what it is today. Also, she's fun to talk to, but as I said, if you're lucky to catch her.. She's always bustling around tweaking her Garden, which she's planted if not every, most the trees you see. She's also responsible for the decor of the entire hotel and rooms. Each piece of furniture you see throughout the hotel was hand picked by her during her many international travels..

The hotel is also conveniently located one block from the Mega Supermarket, the Pizza shop and bread & Chocolate. Two blocks from the main street where can always find a taxi or walk to the many activity centers and restaurants & bars (I'll recommend restaurants & bars in later comments)

I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting P.V!.. O yeah.. and the prices per room is UNBEATABLE!.

As I write this comment, I'm in San Jose airport leaving this wonderful Island of Costa Rica.

I'll be writing a blog about my stay in P.V, Bocas del Toro and San Jose on Trip advisor so you can check out my recommendations on restaurants, activities etc..

June 04, 2010

What are people saying about us?

christian from pv

Vera is great and so is the Hotel.
Note: Costa Rica is NOT an island.

August 05, 2010

What are people saying about us?

Vandana from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Costa Rica

I stand corrected.. Costa Rica the COUNTRY - Not Island... PV has such an Island vibe, I guess I was in that state of mind while writing my review.. Will be heading back to PV this year for another month and will be staying at Jacarada again!.. Can't wait!.

May 03, 2011

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