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MEPE announces more bus schedule changes effective Dec 24

In addition to the changes announced to the express buses last week, MEPE has now announced changes in the local routes between Limon and Sixaola. The local bus schedules page will be adjusted shortly.

MEPE ha anunciado más cambios en los horarios de buses a partir de 24 de diciembre. En adición a los cambios en los directos a San José la semana pasada, esos cambios van a afectar las rutas locales entre Sixaola y Limón. Las horarios en la página de transportación local en el Caribe Sur estará actualizado en los siguientes días.

20 dic 2019

Is the South Caribbean of Costa Rica a "Blue Zone"?

Blue Zones are those areas of the world where people live much longer than average. Residents of these places produce a high rate of centenarians. Researchers identified 5 areas in the world where some combination of genetics, lifestyle and environment seem to have come together to produce this effect which included the Nicoya Penninsula in Costa Rica along with locations in the Mediterranean and Japan.

But three recent 100th birthdays in our area have us wondering if "there's something in the water" here too? At least among the men of Afro-Caribbean descent as all of the recent birthdays have been this community.

The most recent man to reach this milestone is Mr Dudley Waite of Puerto Viejo who today turns 100. Sadly, as reported in this La Nación article yesterday, his house just burned down. We will be following up this post on community efforts to help when we have more information.

Mr Dudley was born in Jamaica but then his family moved first to Cuba then they arrived in Costa Rica when he was 6. By fifteen they were living in Puerto Viejo and he has spent his long life working in baking, in farming cacao and then by working as a musician. He raised three children with his wife Ms Evelyn Hines and has many grandchildren and some great grandchildren. This interesting bio was written by Mr Dudley and his family.

Mr Cleveland from Cocles also turned 100 this year and earned his living as a fisherman.

The most well known of the centenarians is Walter Ferguson of Cahuita. He is known as the father of Calypso in Cahuita and has been composing and singing his songs for over 70 years. The annual Festival International de Calypso Walter Ferguson is held each year and was named in his honor. There's much more info about him and his career on his Wikipedia page and you can listen to many of his songs on YouTube.

None of these men would have had easy lives but they managed to live and thrive despite the hard life and very basic medical and other facilities available in the area for most of their lives. There's definitely something here should researchers want to visit our part of the world!

15 dic 2019

MEPE changing schedule for express buses from Sixaola to San José via Puerto Viejo

The times for the first three buses will change as per the image here. We need to confirm the times from Puerto Viejo but generally they buses pick up in Puerto Viejo approximately 1 hour after they leave Sixaola.

Auto Transportes MEPE ha anunciado un nuevo horario para los buses expresos de Sixaola->Puerto Viejo->San José a partir del 16 de diciembre. Tenemos que confirmar el horario desde Puerto Viejo pero generalmente los buses salen de Puerto Viejo aproximadamente un hora después de Sixaola.

7 dic 2019

Breakfast time at Hotel Banana Azul

Everyone is hungry! (Video) And the banana bread was delish for us humans too. #puertoviejotoppick

30 nov 2019

March to support women and against gender violence

Today in the Centro of Puerto Viejo!

25 nov 2019

Manuel Leon Store One Year Later

A year after the historic Manuel Leon store closed in Puerto Viejo this is what it looks like today and a year ago. The store was an icon on the area and would've been lovely to have it preserved as is but instead it's undergone a completely generic renovation and sits empty with a for rent sign. Famous for their hand lettered "Please don't smoke marijuana inside, smoke it outside" sign.

23 nov 2019

Koki Beach is on vacation after tonight!

If you're visiting Puerto Viejo and haven't been to KOKi Beach yet then tonight is your last chance before their 4 week vacation closure for some amazing cocktails, food and great people. #PuertoViejoTopPick

23 nov 2019

Flights San José to/from Bocas del Toro are back!

Skyway has announced they will be starting this service as of Dec 1. Before Nature Air went under almost two years ago, a popular and efficient routing to visit both Puerto Viejo and Bocas del Toro was to travel San José to Puerto Viejo by land, enjoy all we have to offer here then travel on to Bocas by land and sea. Then a quick flight back to San Jose. Or of course the reverse.

This is now possible again. Booking and more information will be available soon on our travel to Bocas page.

29 oct 2019 Ver publicación a Tico Times

International Living says Puerto Viejo is the #1 place to retire abroad with a low cost of living!

Who knows how they came up with this but I'm not sure a couple could comfortably live on $2025 a month as they claim. We get this question a much do you think you'd need to live on to retire in PV?

30 sep 2019 Ver publicación a CNBC

Surf camp!

Always wanted to learn to surf? Surf the Jungle offers 7 day surf camps in Puerto Viejo with almost everything included: accommodations, most meals, lessons, transfers from San Jose and more. Next dates are October 5-12 and November 2-9.

24 sep 2019 Ver más a Surf the Jungle

Marina proposal in Puerto Viejo opposed by local and environmental organizations

Once again a marina has been proposed and now ICT has awarded a contract to build it. Community groups will gather on Friday August 30 in opposition.

Grupos comunitarios de Puerto Viejo rechaza construcción de un atracadero.

27 ago 2019 Ver publicación a Federación Ecologista

Bocas on a budget: How to get to Bocas del Toro from Costa Rica

Nice article for travelers who want to head to Bocas independently. Well there's even more details on the Puerto Viejo Satellite Bocas page but this is chatty and easy to read for an overview

14 may 2019 Ver publicación en Tico Times

Indigenous Tourism: Bribri Women Lead the Way in Yorkin, Costa Rica

Great article about the history of the Bribri and of Talamanca and what their communities are doing to find new sustainable ways of living from Travel Consciously

4 may 2019 Ver publicación en Travel Consciously

Emergency contact information

With Semana Santa about to start and all the crowds it will bring, it's a good time to make sure you know how to contact emergency services. Remember you can call 911 for any emergency and here are the contact numbers for non-emergency services or check our safety page for more information. Thanks to the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce Caribe Sur and the Munipalidad de Talamanca for the graphic and reminder.

12 abr 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

Pics of some of the newly renovated rooms

From Coco Loco Lodge. They look great!

¡Habitaciones remodeladas a Coco Loco Lodge! #PuertoViejoTopPick

1 abr 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

The ultimate travel hack to prevent beach theft – and more Costa Rica safe travel tips

Lots of great safety tips here including from local Colin Brownlee of Banana Azul. And a very unique use for a diaper!

30 mar 2019 Ver publicación en Tico Times

International Airport in Limon funding is approved!

Terminal de aeropuerto de Limón tiene luz verde!

21 mar 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

The Sloth Conservation Foundation is embarking on a major reforestation project in the South Caribbean

The future depends on what we do now - and if we want to see a future with sloths in it, then we need to give them their homes back. The forest that the sloths rely on for food and shelter is being destroyed at an alarming rate, yet we won't lose hope! The Sloth Conservation Foundation is embarking on a major reforestation project in the South Caribbean - each one of these saplings will be carefully grown, planted and protected for future generations!

21 mar 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

The lifeguard program at Playa Cocles is expanding!

Great news! Guardavidas del Caribe Sur have hired two new lifeguards Andrés & Jerry who will be working Punta Uva beach for the moment Saturday and Sunday only. And they are working now at Playa Chiquita Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Remember that this program operates only because of your donations, it receives no government funding. If you'd like to help contact them at

18 mar 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

Viajeros con niños / Visitors with children

No soy experto pero quiero escribir una articulo sobre lugares y cosas para hacer para viajeros con niños en la zona, Por ejemplo, los mejores playas, actividades y lugares. O servicios para niños como cuidado de niños, cursos, transporte, etcétera. Ya tengo una lista básica de lugares pero que piensen ustedes?

I'm no expert but I'd like to write an article about places and things to do for visitors with kids to our area. For example: the best beaches, activities and spots to go. Or services like babysitting, short courses, transport, etc. I already have a list to start but what does everyone think? What are your ideas to include?

28 feb 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

If you've seen or heard great green macaws on the South Caribbean coast it is almost certainly due

to the work of Ara Manzanillo. These birds were virtually extinct but now are starting a comeback due to their reintroduction programs and support of nesting sites and chicks. Help them continue this great work with a donation or support the cause by visiting their Manzanillo fieldstation.

13 feb 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

Some beautiful photos from this article in Denmark's Svenska Dagbladet newspaper

And some recommendations for a few of our favorite places: KOKi Beach, Banana Azul and Congo Bongo Ecolodges. If you don't happen to read Danish ;-) try Google translate.

29 ene 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

The school Caribe Azul Centro de Aprendizaje Independiente in Playa Chiquita closed in December

But the community responded quickly and two new places are opening soon in their space. Centro Comunitario Morpho is a community space dedicated to creativity and learning for adults and children and their grand opening is Feb 1. Jardín Infantil Las Semillas is a school and childcare for kids aged up to 6 and they are registering now for classes beginning Feb 4.

29 ene 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

Speeding on Route 256 killing animals, reshaping mobility

One of the charms of Puerto Viejo has always been that from Puerto Viejo south to Manzanillo there have always been more bikes than cars making it a safer space for cyclists, pedestrians and wildlife. But since the road became a national rather than municipal road the improvements have made it a lot smoother but also a lot faster. Hopefully CONAVI will start listening.

26 ene 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

Have some time to help out?

Beach cleanup this Saturday on Playa Negra. Sponsored by Banana Azul.

Tiene tiempo para ayudar? Sábado vamos a limpiar Playa Negra.

23 ene 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

Mark your calendar for some world class surfing action

Saturday Feb 2 is the latest version of the Puerto Viejo Open Pro tournament.

El 2 de febrero es la próxima torneo de surf. Puerto Viejo Open Pro en Playa Cocles.

23 ene 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

New house rental option near Punta Uva!

Los Proyectos Moderno is a two bedroom house perched on a secluded five acre lot and surrounded by infinite pristine nature. You’ll enjoy endless spectacular views as you discover all the amazing wildlife Costa Rica has to offer. Great place to get away from it all and disconnect -- it has everything you need but there's no wifi, no tv -- the animals walking by will be your entertainment.

22 ene 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

Sueño Grande B&B at the beach now has a house rental option too

In addition to the superb suites at Sueño Grande Bed and Breakfast! The tropical wood home sleeps 4, offers one king and one queen bedroom, a kitchenette, private seating area, spacious bath with hot water on demand. Ocean breezes blow through the screened windows and the ceiling fans keep the house pleasant for a good night’s sleep. #PuertoViejoTopPick

18 ene 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

Puerto Viejo Deep Dive: Cancún crossroads, preserving culture forged by hardship

Interesting article on the history of the area. The title is a bit misleading, there really isn't a proposal to make Puerto Viejo into Cancun but instead lots of info on how the area got its unique cultural makeup.

18 ene 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

Flights from Costa Rica to Bocas are hung up in regulatory approval in Panama

We announced with excitement on Nov 29 that a new airline, Skyway, would be taking up the San José to Bocas del Toro route that was left unserved after Nature Air stopped flying. But unfortunately, they've been unable to get approvals from the Panamanian government. See their letter below. We'll let you know if and when they do begin.

Recibimos noticias que los vuelos entre San José y Bocas del Toro no están operando porque faltan los permisos del gobierno de Panama. Si ellos empecen a volar vamos a informarles. Ver la mensaje de Skyway abajo.

"Les informamos que la ruta a Bocas del Toro ha sido suspendida hasta nuevo aviso. La suspensión de la ruta se debe a un cambio de regulaciones del Gobierno de Panamá. Por lo que no estaremos operando los vuelos regulares o charters a este destino por el momento. No tenemos una fecha definida de inicio, por lo que les mantendremos informados. Lamentamos mucho el cierre de la ruta, pero sale de nuestras manos completamente. Esperamos poder reactivarla pronto!!"

15 ene 2019 Ver publicación en facebook

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