Mother Nature created a very special place in Costa Rica, get ready to discover some amazing animal and plant life

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A very photogenic resident of the Caribbean. Sloths are fairly common sights on the Caribbean Coast and you'll have a good chance of seeing them in Cahuita National Park or the Gandoca-Manzanillo Reserve. Photo Pablo Montiel.

Costa Rica is considered to be the most biodiverse country in the world, not only due to its location at intersection of the Americas but also to a very high proportion of protected areas. The Puerto Viejo area has some of the most spectacular natural areas in the country and many are even of international importance. The area includes several protected areas including Cahuita National Park and the Gandoca-Manzanillo Refuge.

Sloths and monkies are frequent sights here as are a huge variety of birds. In season, turtles make their way to our beaches to lay their eggs. The flora is equally interesting with spectactular flowers and many interesting and colorful plants. Offshore there are colorful fish and dolphins to see on a snorkelling, diving or fishing trip.

We recommend all the tours below. Bet you can't stop at just one!

Animal Rescue Centre, Chocolate Lady and Waterfall

What could be better than a day playing with monkeys, learning how cacao become chocolate and hiking to a pristine waterfall? Three of our favorite local activities combined to make a truly memorable day on your vacation.
Half day$62.00 More InfoBook It

Caribbean Canopy and Zipline

For a thrilling adventure get a bird’s eye view of the jungle while flying through the air at top speed on zipline cables.
4 hours approximately$58.00 More InfoBook It

Cahuita Boat, Snorkel and Hiking Trip

Cahuita National Park features the largest coral reefs in Southern Central America as well as great hiking trails with lots of wildlife. This trip combines a boat ride, snorkeling and hiking. First is a ride in a boat to Punta Cahuita.  Once at the point, you can put on snorkel gear to explore first hand the “under water tropical forest”. You will then land for a guided rainforest hike, with comprehensive information on this particular area. Monkeys, sloth, several reptiles, frogs and beautiful insects are common sights.  Round trip transportation to Cahuita with pickup/dropoff at your hotel in Puerto Viejo is included.
4 hours approx $55.00 More InfoBook It

Cahuita National Park Hike

With this trip you discover one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica: Cahuita National Park. Our guide will take you on a hike from the main entrance of the National Park to Cahuita Point and from Cahuita Point further down to Puerto Vargas or back to the National Park entry (depends on the conditions of the track). During the hike you will be able to spot a lot of different animals like for example the white faced monkey, sloths, snakes and raccoons. Round trip transportation to Cahuita with pickup/dropoff at your hotel in Puerto Viejo is included.
Half dayFrom $50.00 p/pMore InfoBook It

Gandoca-Manzanillo Refuge Jungle Hike

At the southeast corner of Costa Rica lies the unspoiled Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, stretching to the border of Panama. Home to monkeys, sloths, a great variety of birds and much more. The area is rich with wildlife. It is also spectacularly scenic with cliffs and hidden beaches along the water. You can choose to meet your local naturist guide in Manzanillo town or we can pick you up at your hotel. Your guide will take you on a hike where you will learn much about the rainforest and its inhabitants and see its hidden wonders which take a trained eye to spot.
Half dayFrom $45.00 p/pMore InfoBook It

River and Sea Kayaking with Rainforest Hike

We will drive to the most beautiful location in the area, Punta Uva. This trip consists of three sections. After a safety briefing we will first embark in a magical sea kayaking journey paralleling a coast full of cliffs, caves, and the most amazing rainforest. Then we will paddle our way up river though gorgeous rainforest where you can expect to spot monkeys, sloth, colorful birds, river turtles, bats and iguanas. Your professional guide will deliver a lot of interesting insights on this wonderful eco system. Back at the beach we will take a nice break to relax, swim and enjoy some nicely presented fresh fruit and snacks before hiking to the great over view at Punta Uva.
4 hours approx.$55.00 More InfoBook It

Full Day Jungle Adventure

Looking for the maximum in adventure? This full day adventure combines our canopy and zipline tour with a jungle hike, tarzan swing and much more in an action packed day you'll not soon forget!
6 hours approx.$95.00 More InfoBook It

Nighttime Turtle Watching

Take the opportunity to travel through time and go back to the beginning of evolution, represented by the nesting of these live fossils. The leatherback turtle is the biggest turtle in the world; it can be as large as 2 meters long and 650 kg of weight. We will have an unforgettable night walk along the Gandoca Beach; I will show you a different perspective of this spectacular experience. You will observe these mothers in the important work of laying eggs and at the same time you will learn important things about the natural history of these special animals in danger of extinction. Help us with the protection of sea turtles! Pickup and dropoff at your hotel is now included in our price.
6 hoursAdults: $70, Children: $35
There is a minimum of 2pax for this tour.

Transportation includes pickup from hotels in Puerto Viejo area. An additional charge of $10 per person applies for pickups in Cahuita and Manzanillo
Cost without transportation is $55.00 for adults, $25.00 for children - choose pickup city Gandoca on booking tab and pickup point "office".
This is a night-time trip to a remote location, this option is only recommended if you are accompanied by someone very familiar with the area.
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Caribbean Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling

>Take a beautiful ride along the coast of the Cahuita National Park to spot Atlantic and Bottlenose dolphins. After seeing the dolphins, we cruise back to the reefs of the Cahuita National Park for snorkelling!
Half dayPrice depends on tour date
Until 2017-11-30:
   with transportation: $100.00
    without transportation: $88.00
2017-12-01 to 2018-11-30:
   with transportation: $105.00
    without transportation: $88.00
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Bird Watching

Thanks to our rich biodiversity, I will find and delight in pointing out and sharing my knowledge on the various bird species of the area, this is definitely a superb bird watching tour! Some of the species you could see in this area are the Red-capped Manikin, crested owl, the olive throated parakeet; pale vented pigeon, masked tityra, Collared Aracari, slaty ant shrike, keel-billed and chestnut-mandibled Toucan, Magnificent Frigate-bird, common black hawk, passerini’s tanager, and the black-cowled oriole, among others.
4 hours approximately$60.00 More InfoBook It

Day Tour - La Ceiba Reserve

La Ceiba is a primary forest reserve where the Jaguar Rescue Center re-introduces previously injured animals back into the wild. More than 100 acres of pure nature.

This tour is a two and a half hour hike through the amazing reserve and ends with a delicious breakfast.
3 to 4 hours approximately $60.00 More InfoBook It

Night Tour - La Ceiba Reserve

This tour starts with a delicious dinner, followed by a walk through primary rain forest to observe animals of the night in the jungle.
3 to 4 hours approximately$60.00 More InfoBook It

Whitewater rafting is a must-do tour and includes your transport here from San Jose or Arenal. See the rafting page for more info.

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