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8 year old surfer rescues 6 year old French girl who was drowning at Playa Cocles

Surfeador de 8 años rescató niña que se ahogaba en puerto viejo.

Oct 21 2018 View story

Yum! Next Saturday is the Festival Gastronómico in Puerto Viejo

Get ready for lots of tastings and music.

El caribe esta de fiesta sábado 27 Octubre * Festival Gastronómico * Disfruta música, gustaciones y las playas caribeñas. Organized by the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce Caribe Sur

Oct 20 2018 View story

Every time you visit you can be part of the solution by caring for our Caribbean coast

• Don't leave your garbage on the beach • Get around by bicycle • Protect our flora and fauna • Recycle, reduce your use of plastic, don't toss cigarette butts on the beach or on the ground • Report the illegal cutting of trees.
Help us by sharing this video! Video by Congo Bongo Ecolodges

Cada vez que nos visitas puedes ser parte de la Solución, cuidando de nuestro Caribe. • No tires basura en las playas • Cada vez que puedas usa la bicicleta para transportarte. • Protege nuestra flora y fauna. • Recicla, baja tus niveles de plástico, no tires colillas de cigarros en la playa o en el suelo. • Denuncia la Tala Ilegal de árboles.
Ayúdanos y Comparte este video! Video por Congo Bongo Ecolodges

Oct 17 2018 View story

Did you know there are 445 places listed on the Puerto Viejo Satellite map?

Wow, has this place ever grown! Yet there are more places opening all the time so if your favorite place isn't listed you can easily add it here. And I've now made it easier than ever: if you're at the place now it will fill in your location in just one click.

¿Sabias que hay 445 lugares publicados en el mapa de Puerto Viejo Satellite? ¡Wow! Como ha crecido ese lugar. Pero hay más lugares que están abriendo todo al tiempo. Entonces si su lugar favorito no está en el mapa podría publicarlo muy fácilmente, sólo tienes que llenar el formulario aqui. Y ahora es más fácil que antes: si está en el lugar ahora el formulario va a determinar su ubicación en sólo un clic.

Oct 17 2018 View story

The long weekend is over, goodbye everyone!

Was a crazy busy few days, now back to a little peace and quiet on the beach!

Parece que todo el mundo fue en Puerto Viejo este fin de semana para celebra los festivos! Adiós a todos y gracias para visitarnos! Ahora vamos a tener unos días más tranquilo! ;-)

Oct 15 2018 View story

Astonishingly beautiful photos of a place of unparalleled beauty!

Amazing photos Manuel Pinto Photography!

Oct 13 2018 View story

The morning after a big thunderstorm overnight and everything is fresh and clean and cooler. Super

quiet morning at Casa Las Brisas with just the sound of the waves and the birds. But of course you have all the services of Banana Azul 2 min walk away should you want anything. #PuertoViejoTopPick

Oct 12 2018 View story

El aporte de la población afrocaribeña en Costa Rica

Películas mañana a la 15 en la Casa de la Cultura.

Tomorrow in the Casa de la Cultura they will be showing several documentaries about the Afrocaribbean population of Costa Rica.

Oct 11 2018 View story

Slow TV, Puerto Viejo style, watching a sloth climb a tree (video)

In Norway, they watch slow TV to relax: video of a long train ride or someone knitting. Our version in Puerto Viejo requires no TV: just head out and watch a sloth climb a tree. Televisión lento para relajar en Puerto Viejo no require el televisión: solo tiene que mirar un árbol para mirar un perezoso sube.

Oct 10 2018 View story

Another perfect day in the Caribe Sur

Sun and calm seas. "Summer" has definitely arrived to stay for a while on the Caribbean! Otro día perfecto en el Caribe Sur: sol y el mar plano. El verano definitivamente ha llegado en el Caribe!

Oct 10 2018 View story

I went and saw the new pool on the weekend at Coco Loco Lodge

What a beautiful addition to an already lovely property which is so close to everything but tucked up behind town so also very peaceful and lush. Coco Loco Lodge #PuertoViejoTopPick

Oct 8 2018 View story

The weather is perfect today in Puerto Viejo!

If you're stuck in the rain in San José come on down!

Hay nada excepto sol hoy en Puerto Viejo! Si está en la lluvia en San José esperamos!

Oct 6 2018 View story

New bus schedule from Limon to Puerto Viejo and to Manzanillo effective Sept 25

Unfortunately the schedule to Manzanillo has been cut by 2 buses per day so it will be harder to use these to get to the local beaches south of town. Hopefully once the current troubles end these buses will be reinstated. However the Limon → Puerto Viejo → Sixaloa service has become more frequent. You can find the full schedules between Limon → Puerto Viejo → Manzanillo or for Limon → Puerto Viejo → Sixaloa anytime on the local transport page

Sep 26 2018 View story

The Puerto Viejo Dogs rescue group has had a very busy few months

There have been many rescues needing veterinary care and pregnant females being rescued and the moms and pups needing care and food. Can you help with expenses? Contact them via their facebook page to donate money or supplies locally or Puerto Viejo Satellite will cover bank fees if you'd like to donate via credit card or US or Canadian bank. Follow the link or email info@ for details. Thank you!

Sep 23 2018 View story

National strike disrupts fuel deliveries to Caribbean coast

The MEPE bus company has had to reduce some bus services from Limon to Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo and Sixaola (see photo) due to fuel shortages. As well the gas station in Hone Creek ran out of gas several times over the weekend and may be out again as fuel drivers get caught up in blockades. If you're driving, make sure to fill up whenever you can. If you're taking the bus or a shuttle, double check schedules and allow extra time as some have needed to reroute due to blockades.

La huelga nacional interrumpe las entregas de combustible a la costa del Caribe. La compañía de autobuses MEPE ha tenido que reducir algunos servicios de autobús desde Limón a Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo y Sixaola (ver foto) debido a la escasez de combustible. Además, la gasolinera en Hone Creek se quedó sin combustible varias veces durante el fin de semana y puede estar sin gasolina otra vez. Es difícil para recibir entregas nuevas de combustible porque los camiones quedan atrapados en bloqueos. Si está conduciendo, asegúrese de llenar cada vez que pueda. Si está tomando el autobús o un shuttle, revise los horarios y espere más tiempo, ya que algunos han tenido que cambiar su ruta debido a bloqueos.

Sep 17 2018 View story

Do you have what it takes to be a Ticoman or Ticowoman?

This Triathalon takes place Oct 21 in our beautiful Caribe Sur

Sep 13 2018 View story

How to love bees and save the world: Puerto Viejo couple teach the importance of bees

Api-Agricultura is one of the many local organizations working to give nature a helping hand, nice profile from the Tico Times.

Sep 12 2018 View story

The beautiful Geckoes Lodge is now under new ownership

Zöe and Tom you'll be missed! But the gorgeous vacation homes of Geckoes Lodge are still a #PuertoViejoTopPick

Sep 6 2018 View story

This stuffed monkey has great sentimental value to a couple visiting Puerto Viejo

It was stolen along with some valuables. No doubt it just got tossed somewhere so if you see it please contact them!

Sep 4 2018 View story

Live video from the Wolaba parade in Puerto Viejo!

Aug 25 2018 View story

Wolaba Parade is on!

There's a ton of musical and cultural events celebrating this area's African roots starting today at 3 pm.

Aug 24 2018 View story

Caribbean Coast update: Our most favorite time of the year is just around the corner!

When the sea is calm and perfect to snorkel and the sun is shining daily. You can already feel "the Caribbean summer" is starting soon! At this time of year Gecko Trail Costa Rica highly recommends the Cahuita Boat Snorkel and hiking trip or, if you fancy visiting Bocas del Toro, there's great snorkeling there; check out their overnight packages. #PuertoViejoTopPick

Aug 22 2018 View story

One of our favorite places in Puerto Viejo is now even better!

Coco Loco Lodge Hotel and Bungalows now has a pool! #PuertoViejoTopPick

Aug 14 2018 View story

Sloth crossing!

Please be careful when driving our roads. Please give priority to wildlife pedestrians and bikes.

¡Cruce de Perezosos! Por favor, tenga cuidado cuando está conduciendo. Dar prioridad a fauna silvestre, peatones y ciclistas.

Video by Kean at Annanci Village

Aug 7 2018 View story

Help make the Caribe Sur a Shock-Free Zone

Jaguar Rescue Center is currently raising funds to insulate electrical transformers and save the many wild animals who are killed and injured by them every year. You can donate at their Go Fund Me page or get more information here.

Ayúda el Centro de Rescate Jaguar a ayudarles colaborando con su campaña "Zona de electroprotección". Están recaudando dinero para proteger la fauna silvestre de las líneas eléctricas y transformadores! Dona a la página de Go Fund Me o lee más información aquí

Jul 24 2018 View story

The sun is back!!

Photos from Camara de Turismo y Comercio de Caribe Sur - Oficial at Manzanillo and CicloVida - Una Ruta Compartida para el Caribe Sur this morning.

Jul 24 2018 View story

Thanks to the generous donations received!

Thanks to the generous donations received from followers of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Destination Guide and Gecko Trail Costa Rica we received during the last week, Gecko was able to organize distribution of 30 food packages and clothes to the victims of the recent flood in the canton of Talamanca in Costa Rica.

We decided to support older people and single mums in the communities of Sixaola and Gandoca. We have reliable contacts there who helped us handing over the packages to the right people. In pouring rain, Tamara from the Gecko sales team, together with Manuel, Gecko Trail guide and driver, handed out the packages directly to the affected families. Thank you so much to everybody who supported us by donating and make it possible to help those 30 families.

We keep collecting money, clothes, blankets, sheets etc. as the damages are bad and several families will need further help in order to be able to go back to a normal life. If you like to make a donation via Paypal, please send money to or at the Puerto Viejo donation page. For bank transfers or donations of cash or items, please contact us via messenger, e-mail ( or visit us in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca at the Mulitcentro, inside the Pleasure Ride office.

Jul 23 2018 View story

Good news! They've already reopened route 32

(It's the direct route to the Caribbean from San José). The workers have been working non-stop, bravo! Please be careful and watch your speed if you're driving. Note that for safety inspections it will be closed again overnight but is expected to open again at 6am in the morning. Services in the coastal spots like Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Cocles are all basically restored. The pictures we were posting of severe flooding tend to be in the hills in the poorer communities which are still going to need to support to recover so let us know if you can help.

Jul 18 2018 View story

150 rescued after landslides leave motorists trapped on Route 32

Another flood update: 150 rescued after landslides leave motorists trapped on Route 32

Jul 17 2018 View story

Urgent call for help for families affected by recent flooding

Due to the recent flooding caused by several tropical waves hitting the canton of Talamanca in Limon, home to Puerto Viejo and Cahuita, there is urgent need of assistance for many families who have literally lost everything. Tourist areas are mostly recovering quickly but a little up in the hills are the hidden tragedies. Gecko Trail Costa Rica is coordinating help. You can help make a difference by donating a food bag (with $10 you can get basic supplies for several days), hygiene products, clothes, shoes etc. If you are in the area you can drop donations off at the Pleasure Ride office in the Multicentro. If you are outside the area and would like to help, you can donate at the Puerto Viejo Satellite donation page and we will pass on your donation.

Jul 17 2018 View story

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