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Punta Uva is one of the world's top 25 beaches for 2018 according to TripAdvisor!

See the complete list here.

Feb 22 2018 View story

You too can see a Toucan at Annanci Village

Well you could anyway, they are wild of course so it's up to them to visit! Video from Annanci Village.

Feb 21 2018 View story

Restos de histórico navío que emergieron en Limón regresarán al mar

The remains of the boat that has come ashore on Playa Grande near Manzanillo turns out to be older than previously thought, it is now thought to be from the 17th or 18th century. The national museum has decided to return it to the sea as they don't have the resources to preserve it so see it now or get on your diving gear!

Feb 16 2018 View story

If you love art and culture...

... and you're planning a trip to Puerto Viejo then there's no better time than during the annual Festival ArteViva which will be April 13-15. Art, music, workshops and so much more! Most of the line-up/details are coming but if you follow their page you can see the info as it's announced!

Feb 12 2018 View story

Part of an 80+ year old boat which sunk in 1954 has shown up in Playa Grande in Manzanillo!

The Daisy Gray had been bound to Cuba from Honduras.

Feb 12 2018 View story

Could Puerto Viejo have it's own Olympian when surfing comes to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Our own Gilbert Brown is a 3 time national champion.

And don't miss the Circuito Nacional de surf kölbi which is coming to Puerto Viejo on Feb 24/25

Feb 10 2018 View story

High surf took out part of the northbound lane on the new road south of town yesterday

At beach break. They were working on it already but be prepared for some delays. Photos by Informate Caribe and Hershel Lewis

Feb 9 2018 View story

New aqueduct to be completed in Caribe Sur by year end

This will supply a number of local communities including Cocles so hopefully the water problems/shortages that occasionally happen there will be a thing of the past

Jan 25 2018 View story

The beach may be the focus of a visit to the Caribe Sur...

...but sometimes a nice pool sure doesn't hurt! These are some of the nicest around here. Order is random. What are your favorites?

Jan 23 2018 View story

The sun and warmth are back! Enjoy!

¡El sol y el calor han vuelto! ¡Disfrutar!

Jan 21 2018 View story

Civil aviation authorities suspend Nature Air operations

They had already pulled out of serving the Caribbean be ceding the San Jose to Limon route to Sansa but this nevertheless will cause difficulties for visitors to Costa Rica. And they were the only ones flying to Bocas from San Jose.

Jan 16 2018 View story

14 Top Cafes and Restaurants in Puerto Viejo - The Tiny Travelogue

I'd have trouble narrowing it down to just 14! So many great options!

See all the choices on the Restaurants and Bars page

Jan 14 2018 View story

The 3rd edition of The Wayfarer magazine

Celebrating Caribe Shuttle's 10 year anniversary, hot off the presses!! It has lots of great information on Puerto Viejo and the other destinations served by Caribe Shuttle

Jan 12 2018 View story

The sun came out today in the Caribe and everyone went to the beach!

Remember that children are on vacation and please drive with extra care! Thanks to CicloVida for the reminder and photo!

Salió el sol en el Caribe, y tod@s a la playa! Recuerden que l@s niñ@s están de vacaciones! Manejen con cuidado para que ell@s esten segur@s en nuestras carreteras! Feliz Lunes a tod@s!

Jan 8 2018 View story

Puerto Viejo is becoming more popular than ever!

These stats from Puerto Viejo Satellite sure prove that point! See a trend?! If your business is not listed or not advertising on Puerto Viejo Satellite that's over 37,000 monthly unique visitors you missed out on reaching. More info on upgraded listings here.

Puerto Viejo es una destinación creciendo rápidamente y estos estadísticos de Puerto Viejo Satellite prueban el punto. ¡¿Ver las tendencias!? Si su negocio no tiene entrada ni anuncio, le faltan más de 37.000 visitantes cada mes. Más información sobre las entradas destacadas aquí.

Jan 3 2018 View story

5 new year’s resolutions for Puerto Viejo

1. I will stop and smell the orchids. Slow down and appreciate the wonderful place we live in. Choose to walk or bike instead of drive. If you do drive give priority to the wildlife, pedestrians and bicycles! More at sustainable Puerto Viejo

2. I will shop locally and support local artisans and merchants. Puerto Viejo doesn’t have big box stores and we can keep it that way by supporting local artisans, local products and merchants. Chocolate made here supports the rainforest and local jobs and doesn’t have the carbon footprint of something shipped across the world. See all the local shopping options here

3. I will eat a mostly plant based diet. Keeping meat and animal based products to a minimum will keep our planet and bodies healthier. See our vegetarian and vegan page for lots of great places to eat and buy yummy vegetarian and vegan food.

4. I will give back to my community. Much of whats makes this a wonderful place is the efforts of people in the community and visitors to make it that way by volunteering their time or donating to local causes.

5. I’ll use less stuff and recycle what I do use. Maybe start with quitting plastic water bottles; our tap water is safe to drink here so bring your reusable water bottle and fill it up. I can recycle plastic, cans, glass, and tetrabrik.

Dec 31 2017 View story

Puerto Viejo is a paradise for vegetarians!

So there's now a page where you can see the best vegetarian and vegan options in town! What are your favorites? What have we missed?

¡Puerto Viejo es una paraíso para vegetarianos! Ya hay una página donde podría ver los mejores opciones vegetariano y vegano en el Caribe Sur. ¿Cuál son sus favoritos? ¿Qué nos hemos perdido?

Dec 30 2017 View story

This boat recently appeared in Manzanlllo

It will probably be a new landmark as it's sure not going anywhere. Just hope it isn't leaking anything. Don't think that's what we wanted for Christmas but Manuel Pinto's photograph makes it look pretty nonetheless! Feliz Navidad a todos!

Dec 24 2017 View story

Soy Turista en el Caribe

I am a tourist in the South Caribbean. The CicloVida group has prepared a lovely poster promoting principles to travel by when you come visit us in the Caribe Sur! You can read it here or download the poster to print and post. Or check out their facebook page for more info on how to get involved.

Dec 21 2017 View story

Next beach cleanup day is Friday

Meet at 9am. Thanks for helping keep Puerto beautiful and safe for wildlife and kids!

Dec 20 2017 View story

Great video that shows off gorgeous Cahuita National Park!

Buena video para ver Parque Nacional Cahuita

More info on the park here: Cahuita National Park

Dec 19 2017 View story

KOKi Beach reopens today after their holiday closure

La reapertura de KOKi Beach esta noche luego de sus vacaciones! Happy Hour 5 pm #PuertoViejoTopPick

Dec 19 2017 View story

Swiss couple dies in Cahuita after strong winds push a falling tree onto their cabana

Sad to hear this; be careful with the wind and the sea until this clears up!

Dec 10 2017 View story

From Moldy Carrots to Bagels and Cream Cheese

This blog post is a couple years old but what's really interesting is the tales of shopping here in the 90s before PV had been discovered by the outside world. It's a far cry from the farmer's market full of fresh organic produce and the international restaurants from all over the world we have now!

Dec 10 2017 View story

The South Caribbean is teeming with wildlife!

Here's a rare animal who's been newly verified in the Talamanca mountains. Let us know if you see one!

Dec 3 2017 View story

Want to hike from Caribbean to Pacific?

Very interesting new option to see parts of Costa Rica hardly anyone ever sees! El Camino de Costa Rica is a 2 week hike across the country. This would not only be an incredible personal achievement to walk from Atlantic to Pacific but would develop rural tourism in Costa Rica and share the benefits of tourism with different communities. Lots more info at in English and Spanish.

It is fairly early days for this project so would recommend doing this in a group with a local expert. If you need help, Gecko Trail Costa Rica could help you organize transport to/from the starting/ending points and other details.

Nov 28 2017 View story

The store in Punta Uva organizes their products by colour and then type

so it's easy to find a tan coloured gato (either the pastry or the cat) / Pulpería Punta Uva se organiza sus productos en orden de color y tipo. Entonces es fácil para encontrar un gato de color marrón (el pastel o el animal)

Nov 22 2017 View story

Tomorrow is the Wolaba Trail Run!

5k, 11k and 21k routes starting at 7am, 7:30am and 8am. So keep your eyes open for runners tomorrow! Proceeds partially benefit the local soccer school for talented youth

Nov 17 2017 View story

After a few cloudy days the sun is shining again

This is right now at Playa Chiquita. Wind and surf are strong though so keep safe if you go in the water.

Nov 17 2017 View story

Work to widen route 32 to the Caribbean Coast will start in January

So there will be some road delays.

But the good news is that Sansa will increase their schedule of flights from San José to Limon to 3 times a day starting Dec 15. There's more info on flying on the transport page and you can book a shuttle to/from the Limón Airport to your hotel there too.

Nov 15 2017 View story

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