Advertising and Upgraded Listings

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Adding a website link, making your listing a Puerto Viejo Top Picks and Advertising

Puerto Viejo Satellite is the most comprehensive and most popular information source for Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and the surrounding Costa Rica Caribbean communities of Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Cocles, Punta Una, Manzanillo and more. We have the most comprehensive map of the area, the most complete and up to date information pages on topics such as transportation, weather, tours, safety and much more. With over 25,000 monthly unique visitors, Puerto Viejo Satellite is the best value in advertising for the South Caribbean area!

By supporting the site by purchasing additional cost items, you are also enabling us to do more promotional activities which pull even more people into the site who then become customers of our businesses in the community.

The following updgraded listing types are available for South Caribbean businesses:

Prominently featured listings which stand out

Recommended listings will stand out on Puerto Viejo Satellite by being shown higher on all the pages they appear (such as area pages like Cocles or category pages like Restaurants) with a photo and more prominent text. More benefits:

•   Your website is linked right from wherever your listing appears on the site. Listings with weblinks show as many as 200 unique visitors a month from Puerto Viejo Satellite to their website — think how many additional clients that could be! (Free listings do not include website links). The link to your website is direct and is search engine optimized to improve your search engine results.
•   On your individual listing page your listing will include a gallery of up to 4 photos
•   Your listing page will include a facebook like widget and links to your other social media such as Instagram and Twitter
•   Your listing information will appear without ads unlike free listings and for accommodations the reservation requests will go direct to you instead of to sites like so you can get commission-free bookings.
•   We are happy to help promote your news, events and specials from our Puerto Viejo Satellite social media to our tens of thousands of followers on facebook, twitter and email lists (once per year).

All this for only For only $99USD a year for accommodations or tour/activity listings and $65USD a year for other listings.    Limited time special! 25% off

Puerto Viejo Top Picks

Feature your listing at our premium level

Includes the recommended benefits above plus Top Pick listings have the following added benefits:

•  Top Pick listings are shown on every page of the site (in the green Puerto Viejo Top Picks box) with a link to your website and an extra line of text promoting your listing
•  Top Pick listings are also featured most prominently on category pages such as the lodging or restaurants and in area pages such as Manzanillo
•  On your detailed listing page your photo gallery can have up to 10 large photos
•  The detailed listing page for Top Pick listings is wider and free of the Top Picks banner to other listings so your listing will take center stage
•  Top Pick listings are listed as a favorite page on the Puerto Viejo facebook page and Top Pick listings may request promotional posts up to 4 times per year on our facebook feed when you have a special or event or news to promote
•  Top Pick listings allow you to customize your listing with special offers and a custom URL for the Reserve Now / Contact button

Feature your listing for only $249USD a year for accommodation or tour/activity listings or $219USD a year for other types of listings.    Limited time special! 25% off

If your business is already listed on the site and you would like to upgrade it or renew your current upgrade, please visit our upgrade listing page.

If your business is not yet listed on the site, please fill in our new listing form.

Display Advertising and Text Links

For businesses outside the South Caribbean who would like to advertise to visitors to the Caribbean we can also offer display and text link advertisements customized to your needs. Please contact us for further details at

For businesses within the South Caribbean who have already upgraded to a Puerto Viejo Top Pick and would like addditional exposure, we can also offer display advertising or other promotional opportunities. Please contact us for further details at

Social Media Promotion

Do you have a special event or promotion you'd like to get attention for or do you want to increase the followers on your own social media pages?

We also administer the Puerto Viejo facebook page which is very active with over 50,000 highly engaged followers and also an active twitter feed.

Please contact us for further details at if you would like information on having us post your event or promotion. Note that Puerto Viejo Top Pick listings receive 4 free social media posts per year and weblink/photo listing 1 free social media post per year included with their listing. For other businesses or for additional posts a fee will apply.